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instant wine chiller
Some wines are best served chilled. But some wines are just too good to have to wait! This innovative carafe chills and aerates white wine in an instant, upgrading the taste and the aroma experience in one swift process. A cooling stick inside the carafe keeps the aerated wine fresh and chilled.
  • includes carafe and cooling stick
  • keep cooling stick in freezer until needed
  • 11 1/5"H
  • 1 liter
customer reviews
don't buy
don't buy February 04, 2014
"The wine bottle creates an airtight seal with the bottom part of the chiller, so that the wine can't pour through. while i was trying to get it to work, wine spilled everywhere, then the whole thing fell, broke, and sprayed wine everywhere (all over my white shirt). It is made of cheap thin glass. DO NOT BUY THIS."
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